Are you a retailer or distributor?  We will gladly allow you access to our wholesale pricing.  If you've already established an account just send us an email at sales@r2scents.com, and ask us to authorize wholesale access on your account. 

If you haven't established an account you can do so on our "Create Account" link on the My Account Page.  Use the drop down selection to request Wholesale Access.  We will authorize wholesale access upon receipt of the proper information.  Please note that we will require:
  1. Federal Tax ID Number or Social Security Number
  2. State Retail Tax Number
  3. Copy of your business license
  4. Copy of your State Retail Tax Certificate

As a convenience to you, we will allow you to order from our wholesale pricing on your initial order without the copies of your Business and Retail Tax Certificate.  We will then require the above information before allowing future orders.  You can email us the information at sales@r2scents.com or fax it to us at 417-501-8824.